Darwin's Theory and 2nd thoughts.


I have been part of a DNA origin testing by "Family Tree DNA" which has given me 2nd thoughts about the evolution of man (Darwin's Theory).  According to "Family Tree DNA", if you go back far enough in DNA testing, all humans are related to a common ancestor, known as "Adam" from origins of Africa.

Being of artistic nature (sculpture, painter) I have noticed that certain people I have seen over the years have features that are similar to different species of monkeys and gorillas (simian primates).

So due to this, my theory is that the human species (races) evolution is according to different simian primate's origins (based on man's evolution, Darwin's Theory).  I tend to believe from what I have seen over the years tells me that different races came from different species of simian primates.  And this is the reason that some human races are different from others, some races are taller, smaller and have different colors of skin, some darker, others lighter, different eyes, etc.  This could mean that not all human races evolved from one species of simian primate or evolved from the same part of the world.  It is known that different simian primates are from different parts/origins of the world.

But even in Darwin's Theory there is a flaw; there is the factor of the missing link in evolution of man. So everything still remains a puzzle/mystery.

But there might be an answer to this mystery. 

There are Ancient Legends from different cultures world wide that say the Gods came from the skies and created man.  According to some studies it is believed or better said there is a hypothesis that these Gods were Aliens from other planets that they mixed the DNA/Genetics with simian primates in different parts of the world.  According to some studies done on these Legends, they say that the Gods/Aliens needed workers to mine gold from the planet Earth for them and the simian primates were not intelligent enough for doing the task and the Gods/Aliens mixed their DNA/Genes with different simian primates to create a more intelligent being for doing the task and created a form of human beings as we know it today.  Perhaps this is the reason for the famous missing link, intermediary forms of life that illustrate an evolutionary transition.

There is some logic behind this all, Gold has the best electrical conductivity known to man, better than copper, it is used today for high tech. computers and circuits in other high tech. equipment, it is also non corrosive, it is a prefect metal for this use, a high tech. race would need large amounts of this metal for the electronic circuits.  This could also be the reason that there are different races on earth, the Gods/Aliens used different races of simian primates for mixing their DNA/Genetics for Gold mining in different parts of the world.



Also there have been studies that have proved that certain human races, such as Europeans evolved, progressed faster than other races in other parts of the world.  This was due to their diets; they ate more meat then other races.  It has been found that red meat eating is a factor that stimulates the human brain to grow bigger/be more intelligent over generations.

So, taking this in mind, we must think about  prehistoric ice ages , especially the current ice age, that started 2.58 million years ago, which is more or less when man's/primates evolution (2.4 million years ago evidence from Africa) started, but lately other advanced primates (different types of Hominids) have been found in other regions of the world that date back to same time period as the evidence from Africa according to recent News's/TV reports.  Some of these new types of Hominids have been found on remote Islands, far away from Africa. When this new ice age came to be, a lot of vegetation would have died, due to changes in the climates and there would have been an abundance of frozen dead or dieing prehistoric animals all over the world.  So in different parts of the world, different races of simian primates would have been forced to eat meat to survive or die.  A study of human and pre-human diet history shows that for a period of at least 2 million years the human ancestral line had been consuming increasing quantities of meat. My theory is due to this factor of forced meat eating in simian primates due to the ice age to survive, sparked the growth of the brains of  different simian primates in different parts of the world.  Causing the evolution of simian primates to become what we now call human beings (mankind).   Since there were different species of simian primates in different parts of the world that might have survived by eating red meat or other types of meat, I believe this is the reason we now have different types of human races.

So why did some simian primates stay the same while others evolved?  Since it is red meat eating that causes evolution of the brain in primates, some primates did not have access to red meat.  This could mean that some simian primates survived eating red meat that caused their evolution, while others ate other types of foods like, insects, seeds, roots or migrated to other warmer climates in search of food, since they did not eat red meat or meat in general, there was no spark in growth/evolution/genus of their brains. 

Could it have been the red meat factor or the Gods/Aliens from other planets that created different races?   Who knows? 

Here is an example of what I am writing about.  Notice the features (eyes) in this species of monkey and compare its features to a person from China.


So after reading this you can now walk around looking at people and comparing them with different species of monkeys and gorillas, ha, ha. But take in mind that comparing a person to a monkey or a gorilla might be an offense to some people, so keep it to your self.

For more photos of monkeys go here; http://images.google.com/images?q=monkey

No offence on my part to anyone, just 2nd thoughts about evolution of man on my part.

Have a good time!




By; Eddie Ferrer Velez 2/16/09...Updated; 9/16/10


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